Turn A Photo Of Your Underpants (Or Anything Else) Into Siri’s Background Image [Jailbreak]

Turn A Photo Of Your Underpants (Or Anything Else) Into Siri’s Background Image [Jailbreak]

Sick of the boring old gray linen background on your Siri? If you’ve got a jailbroken iPhone 4S, why not try the new Custom Siri Background Cydia tweak, which allows you to apply a picture from your Camera Roll as Siri’s background wallpaper.

As you can see, it works a treat. Above, a picture of my seasonal boxer shorts design serves Siri well as a new background wallpaper.

Not much else to say. The Custom Siri Background Cydia Tweak can be downloaded for free from the ModMyi reposirtory, and works with Spire (the legal Siri port) on the iPod touch, but does not support the iPad at this time.

  • ddevito

    Yeah, good idea to change the background so now you can’t read what the Almighty Siri is (trying) to tell you.

    Weak. Very. Weak.

  • eyyad

    Yeah good idea but you wont be able to read the text on siri face 
    plus its Jailbreak no good 

    but thanks :) 

  • Kaleho Naki

    Jailbreakers have no sense of design

  • Al

    This would work very well if you choose the right background. Those ones are just too bright, and the contrast of colours is too high, that is all. A picture of dark wood or dark fabric would look great.

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