Rugrat Marketing at Macworld

Kahney kids at Macworld

Yeah, those “exploited children” over at Gizmodo are my progeny. My wife took them down to Macworld to promote my Amazon ($8.84) book.

She dressed our three boys in cardboard iPod costumes, and our daughter as a silhouette iPod dancer.

I wasn’t exactly comfortable with the idea, but it achieved its objective. They got their pictures in the paper, which absolutely thrilled them (Exploited kid one; exploited kid two), and she handed a flyer to the scores of people who snapped their picture.

Plus, the kids had a blast. Look at all the free crap they got. This is just a portion of it. My daughter separated hers out and stashed it away.

Macworld freebies

They got eight pairs of gloves, a ton of flashing Belkin necklaces, half-a-ton of stickers and pins, Postit pads, spring-loaded jumping frogs, badge holders, a gazillion pens, rubber wristbands, iPod covers, some cellphone cleaner thingies, etc., etc.

What was the best stuff they got?

Lyle (the youngest): “Candy.”

Olin: “Candy.”

Milo: “The wristbands, and candy.”

Nadine (the oldest): “The Yoyo, a mini Sharpie, a fish screensaver, a helicopter spinner and a squeezy stress ball. And candy.”

Here’s more of the little angels.

Exploited iPod kids -- getting ready to clean some chimneys!

Go to your spot!

Milo and Olin

  • Joakim

    Haha… That’s kinda funny!

  • Victor Agreda, Jr.

    So that’s who those kids were! I saw them as we exited the Metreon after the keynote… I happened to notice one of the boys wasn’t quite on board, but his sister talked him back into it. Looks like she’s a born leader.

  • Jeffy

    Oh Leander, Leander, Leander…I can’t believe you would do that to your own darling children. On second thought, I take that back.

    “Daddy, what does ‘pimping’ mean?”

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