Battle Of The Specs: The Nikon D4 Vs. The Canon EOS-1D X

D4 1d x

Nikon Rumors has put out a good comparison chart showing the differences between Canon and Nikon’s new flagship D-SLRs, the Canon EOS 1D X and the Nikon D4. Specs-wise, the cameras look quite similar, but there are some notable differences.

Let’s talk memory cards. While the 1D X has slots for two compact flash cards, the D4 now has one compact flash slot and one of those new fancy XQD card slots. XQD, the super-fast storage technology just announced by the CompactFlash Association, is going to upset some and please others. If you need the extra read and write speeds it offers, it’s a thumbs-up upgrade. But for photographers not interested in the speed boost, it means having to spend more money on XQD cards instead of using the compact flash they already own — and since XQD is brand new tech, it ain’t cheap.

Canon fans will be happy to hear that the 1D-X is offers faster photo-capture than the D4, at 14 frames per second compared to the D4’s max of 11.

Nikon fans will be happy that their their new D4, at $6000, is $800 cheaper than the 1D-X.

You can check the whole comparison chart at Nikon Rumors.

  • Adam Peariso

    You mean XQD

  • Sophie

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  • rolandgosebruch

    “But for photographers not interested in the speed boost, it means having to spend more money on QXD cards instead of using the compact flash they already own”

    Why are you always writing such utter nonsense when it comes to the D4? The D4 has a CF card slot, so CF Type I cards can be used and there is no need to invest in XQD cards, if you are “not interested in the speed boost”. You didn’t even get the abbrevation right; it’s XQD, not QXD.

    Maybe you should stay away from publishing articles about cameras. I can’t see what the D4 has to do with Apple, anyway.

  • erfon elijah

    Because I’m a working photographer who cares about the safety of the photos I capture for my clients, Roland, so I mirror write to both cards.  If you are shooting professionaly and you’re only using one CF card, you’re at risk of card failure.  I guess you could always just blame the loss of your client’s paid work on your failed memory card — that seems to be your backup plan.

  • erfon elijah

    yes, thanks.  corrected.

  • SchoolBallPhotographer

    As an event photographer  often in very low light situations ( awards, school balls, etc)  I can wait to get my hands on the D4. Yes I am paying for the extra video functionality – which I won’t use. But my work will be 10 x better.

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