Nikon does a full 360 with new action cam


The Nikon Key Mission 360 is on a mission to compete with action camera industry leader GoPro.
The Nikon Key Mission 360 is on a mission to compete with action camera industry leader GoPro.
Photo: Nikon

Cult of Mac CES 2016 full coverageAdd Nikon to the growing list of companies taking on GoPro in the action camera market.

Nikon made a surprise announcement this week at CES in Las Vegas, unveiling plans for a portable camera that offers 360-degree immersive perspective.

iPhone is most popular camera among Flickr’s 112 million photographers


Canon cameras
The iPhone has been the top choice among Flickr photographers beginning in 2015.
Photo: Flickr

The longtime Kings of the Camera must know their kingdoms are shrinking. If Canon or Nikon need further evidence, Flickr’s 2015 Year in Review shows the popular tool of choice for an engaged and global photography community is not a dedicated camera. It’s first and foremost a phone.

Apple’s iPhone was the popular device used by the Flickr community, according to an analysis of the EXIF data on pictures uploaded to the site. iPhone cameras accounted for 42 percent of the photos on the site, compared to the DSLRs of Canon, 27 percent, and the Nikon, 16 percent.

Photographer takes our breath away with time-lapse travel


Dubai Flow Motion is the latest time-lapse video by travel photographer/filmmaker Rob Whitworth. Photo: Rob Whitworth/YouTube
Dubai Flow Motion is the latest time-lapse video by travel photographer/filmmaker Rob Whitworth. Photo: Rob Whitworth/YouTube

When camera companies began putting a “record” button on DSLRs, things got really interesting for Rob Whitworth. Is he a photographer or a filmmaker?

The ambiguity about his work description does not matter for anyone who has taken a heart-racing, stomach-dropping ride through his time-lapse videos.

In his latest, Dubai Flow Motion, viewers will feel shot out of a canon for a three-minute hectic but thorough tour of this sparkling Middle East city. Whitworth’s camera will take you up the tallest skyscraper, send you blasting through its floors to see rooms teeming with life and send you crashing into the sea.

Nikon Partners With Black Rapid For New Camera Strap Design


Nikon might be content to lose out to its competitors in every field except SLR bodies and lenses, but it beginning a big comeback, starting at the very top – literally. Two new camera straps – the Quick-Draw and the Quick-Draw S – are made in partnership with Black Rapid, and promise to let you never buy a third-party camera strap ever again.

Nikon P340 With Wi-Fi And Utilitarian Style


If you got a kid to draw a picture of a camera, that picture would look just like the new Nikon P340, a device that can be accurately described as “boxy, with knobs.” And it’s gorgeous, kind of like then Lenovo Thinkpad of cameras, and despite its diminutive form it has everything an enthusiast would need – except a viewfinder.

Create Stunning High-Definition Images With HDR Darkroom 3 [Deals]



If you’ve been looking for a way to get professional high-definition results with your photos at lightning speed on your Mac or PC, then look no further. Cult of Mac Deals has your solution – and at a price that’s not going to break the bank, either.

HDR Darkroom 3 is the first HDR software with comprehensive color space management. The developers have created color space management tools with a short learning curve so you can take your photography game to a whole new level. And you can get HDR Darkroom 3 for only $34.99 during this limited time offer.

Nikon D5300 Ditches AA Filter, Adds Wi-Fi And GPS



Anti-aliasing filters are the new, uh, thing that’s not popular any more. Ever since Fujifilm redesigned it’s sensors so that they no longer need a blurry filter in front to smooth out jaggy moiré patterns, everyone has been jumping on the anti-anti-aliasing wagon (not to be confused with the AA wagon, which is where inveterate boozers go to reduce their own blur).

The latest of these is Nikon, which has taken the AA filter out of the new D5300.

Nikon AW1, The Waterproof, Interchangeable Lens Camera



The Nikon AW1 might look look as awesome as the Nikonos, Nikon’s previous waterproof camera (pictured below), but it is the first interchangeable-lens camera I can remember since that iconic design that can be taken underwater without a housing. And having tried out underwater photography with an iPhone and a blurry-lensed case this summer, I can totally see the appeal of doing it with a proper camera.

Make Your iPad More Versatile With The 3-in-1 Camera Connection Kit [Deals]


CoM - Camera2

Tablets are pretty impressive, but they still can’t quite effectively replace a desktop or laptop computer. This Cult of Mac Deals offer makes your iPad that much more effective a replacement option.

This 3-in–1 adapter will help bridge the gap between tablet and fully functional computer. Most importantly, the 3-in–1 iPad adapter cuts out the middle man when uploading photos to your iPad, saving you a ton of time. And Cult of Mac Deals is offering this little device for only $19 – shipping included – so you can save a ton of money as well!

Rumors Of iPhone 5S And The Next iPad On Our Newest CultCast



This week on The CultCast—finally—it’s time to talk iPhone 5S and iPad 5! We’ll tell you why April and August might be bringing you the tasty new iDevices, and if they’ll be drastically different than the models we’ve already got.

Then, is Apple is a innovation lull? Ex-Apple CEO John Scully thinks so. We’ll tell you what we think is really going on.

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Show notes up next!

Nikon’s Amazing New D7100 Can’t Post To Instagram, Twitter



Is it just me, or have SLR cameras gotten really boring in the last few years? I mean, I know they’re awesome machines and all, but they don’t do anything new. And all the while the rest of the camera world is pulling farther and farther ahead.

The iPhone in my pocket not only takes photos, it edits movies and shares my pictures with the world, wherever I am. And Sony’s incredible RX1 is pretty much a full-frame SLR in the body of a pocket camera.

Meanwhile, cameras like Nikon’s new D7100 would have been impressive a few years ago, but now they’re just that same old thing, with some bigger numbers on the spec sheet.

Nikon’s J2 Mirrorless Camera Still Features A Comedy-Sized Sensor


Hey, at least it now comes in orange.
Hey, at least it now comes in orange.

Nikon has added a new model to its toy camera Nikon 1 line. The J2 is a tweaked version of the J1, and in addition to some improvements it drops its price by $100, to $550. And if you’re thinking that this still seems steep for a camera with a tiny compact sensor – even if you can change its lenses – then you’re right.

The Lowepro Flipside Protects Your DSLR While You Search The Forests For Bigfoot [Review]


flipside sport 15L
Because Bigfoot isn't going to photograph himself: Lowepro's Flipside Sport 15L

Few camera bags are built keep your camera gear safe while you hike, bike, and conquer the wilderness like the manly man that you are. But the Flipside Sport 15L All-Weather camera bag from Lowepro ($135) was designed to do exactly that, and comes standard with some tricks you won’t find on your everyday camera sack.

Nikon Announces Monster 800mm Lens


You could easily bludgeon somebody to death with this lens.


Nikon has gone all Microsoft on us and pre-announced a piece of hardware ahead of this year’s Photokina show. The kit in question is a huge monster of a lens, the 800mm ƒ5.6, which will take the place of the current 600mm ƒ4 as the longest autofocus lens in Nikon’s lineup.