Restore Missing OS X Features On New Macs [Video How-To]

Restore Missing OS X Features On New Macs [Video How-To]

After buying a new 27’ iMac last week, I was surprised to find a few missing features that I’ve been accustomed to in OS X Lion on other machines, including the removal of many desktop wallpapers. In this video, I’ll show you how to get back features in OS X Lion that you may be missing on a new Mac.

Restore Missing OS X Features On New Macs [Video How-To]

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  • UNOwenNYC

    [This comment has been edited for violating Cult of Mac’s rules on commenting.]

  • Michael Steeber

    After reading this comment several times, I’m still bewildered. 

  • GrimWit

    jeez, talk about someones panties in twist.  You don’t like his video… Boo – friggin hoo.

    You don’t like negative comments – stop being as ass!

    The video is nice basic video to help people unlike your comment that helps no one.

  • Blake Beavers

    What program were you using to show your old mac’s screen?

  • lals47
  • hyoo89

    hi, could you do a video on how to change the screen capture file format from png to jpg? when i had snow leopard, there was a fix for it by using terminal, but i don’t think that command line works for lion anymore. i’d appreciate it a lot! thanks for the videos! i think they’re interesting to watch.

  • lals47
  • lsla500
  • Julieanne Kay

    I have the Apps disk that came with my 2009 iMac, could I use that to install iDVD on a new Mac?

  • renowden

    Are you saying that Lion shipped on a new Mac is different to the retail install copy or is it just that this old stuff gets left behind from Snow Leopard on an upgrade. There is a difference.

  • lsl73
  • Michael Steeber

    The old stuff gets left behind. 

  • Michael Steeber


  • Michael Steeber

    Screen Sharing. It’s built in. 

  • Jake Wexler

    Probably not, actually – the discs are locked to only install software on the machine they were bundled with. I believe it’s based on your Mac’s model ID. 

  • Chrisco

    Hey mate how do you get that red circle happen when you click your mouse>?? is there a plug-in for it??

  • Peng40

    If u just boot from the dvd snow you can olso downgrade ! ant all old software and information Snow leopard don’t delite this is that great or watt??!! 

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