Trapster Pulls DUI Checkpoints To Avoid App Store Ban Hammer

Trapster Pulls DUI Checkpoints To Avoid App Store Ban Hammer

Looking to avoid an outright banning ahead of Apple’s move to jettison all such apps from the iOS App Store, Trapster has taken the preemptive step of removing the DUI Checkpoint functionality from their popular app.

Although Trapster feels that the inclusion of DUI checkpoints is, in fact, a positive deterrent of drunk driving — one which they are quick to point out is shared by some law enforcement officials — they have still removed the functionality from their app, fearing a ban from the App Store.

Apps that make drivers aware of DUI checkpoints have been under fire as early as March, when multiple senators asked Apple to pull DUI checkpoint apps from the App Store.

Apple finally acquiesced to a total ban on DUI Checkpoint apps, but many still exist on the App Store.

Still, fearing that a crackdown is coming, Trapster believes that by pulling DUI Checkpoint functionality from their app they can avoid Apple’s ban hammer.

It may be a slippery slope, however: Trapster’s other functionality includes alerting drivers of upcoming red-light cameras and police speed traps, which is also contentious functionality.

What do you think? Are checkpoint apps positive deterrents of criminal driving, or do they just give people the tools to get away with it?

  • Patranus

    And the bullying of private business by the federal government continues.

  • CharliK

    Check the rules John. If the info is sourced from the local police the app is fine. It’s only apps that allow common folks to warn others about checkpoints that aren’t police/city published that were the issue

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