You Can Install Multiple Apps Simultaneously In iOS 5 Even On 3G

You Can Install Multiple Apps Simultaneously In iOS 5 Even On 3G

Here’s another little neat trick from the latest developer beta: in iOS 5, you’ll be able to download and install more than one app at a time, even on 3G.

Previously, if you wanted to install an app under iOS, you could install only one at a time. If you tried to install a second app while a first was installing, the icon would pop up on your home screen, but you’d just get a “Waiting…” message until the first app finished downloading and installing.

With iOS 5, all that changes: multiple apps download and install at the same time, with no queue. Even better, it all works fine over 3G:

You Can Install Multiple Apps Simultaneously In iOS 5 Even On 3G

It’s a small tweak, but it’s all part of iOS cutting the cord with the iTunes desktop. Thanks to Apple ‘N’ Apps for the tip!

  • Jonas Mejdal Bøgild

    Could you guys please check this: is it now possible to check the week-numbers in iOS 5? That would be an interesting innovation for the whole iOS-concept in itself.

  • Rob Hagemeyer

    even iTunes won’t download more than 3 at a time (for me anyway!)

  • joewhite89

    This isn’t new, it was introduced in iOS 4.3.

  • Kevin Olson


  • dreamsburnred

    Cool. Would be most useful on iPad.

  • theotherphil

    What is also cool is that while syncing with itunes, you can still use the phone and all the apps….syncing happens in the background.

  • Marc

    it’s here too

  • RobPungello

    That actually happened to me once on my iPad 2 (running iOS 4)
    Not sure how, but I was syncing to iTunes and the usual “Sync in progress” screen just disappeared. I then watched as apps popped up on my homescreen.
    Very bizarre, but I’m glad to see that feature is official now!

  • RobPungello

    Must’ve been like multitouch gestures. Available in an iOS 4.x beta, and fully released in iOS 5.

  • jdog25

    Does it still take you to the home screen when you click update and constantly ask you to put in your password, that shite is so annoying.

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