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10 Awesome iOS 7 Features That Apple Didn’t Mention At WWDC



I’ve given iOS 7 a lot of hate this morning — just because I hate its icons — so I thought it was about time I showed it some love. It may not look the best, but the next-generation of iOS is packed full of awesome new features that should greatly improve the user experience.

A lot of those were detailed during Apple’s keynote at WWDC yesterday, but some got left out. So here’s ten awesome features in iOS 7 that didn’t get a mention at the event.

Yahoo Unveils Complete Redesign Of Flickr, Now Offering 1TB Of Free Storage


Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 7.15.17 PM

Yahoo just unveiled a completely redesigned website for Flickr, and it looks great. What makes it even better is that each user now gets 1 TB of free storage and 3 minutes of 1080p video.

The new look is very image-centric, as it should be. Profiles are collages of photos in a scrollable list with a Facebook-like cover photo. You can check it out now at Flickr.com.

New Tweak Makes Yahoo’s New Weather App The Default On iPhone [Jailbreak]



Yahoo! launched its new Weather app for iPhone a few weeks ago, and it’s quite possibly one of the prettiest weather apps you’ll find in the App Store. It’s received a ton of praise for its design, which combines gorgeous Flickr photos with clean, minimalist graphics.

If you instantly made it your new weather app — just like we did — then you’ll be pleased to know you can know make it your default weather app on iPhone with a new jailbreak tweak called “YahooWeatherisBetter.”

The 9 Best People With iPads For Heads [Gallery]



The iPad is one of the most magical devices ever created. It can store billions of books, photos, songs, and movies. It can entertain you with games, and help you boost your productivity with thousands of apps. It also doubles as a great head replacement.

Last week we put out the call to see what it would look like if Cult of Mac’s readers replaced their heads with iPads. The results were absolutely incredible. Some of you guys went with the funny route, while others showed off their serious photography skills. We’re giving five winners a free copy of FX Photo Studio Pro, but in our eyes they’re all winners.

Here are the 9 best people with iPads for heads:

Turn Your Head Into An iPad And Win A Copy Of FX Photo Studio Pro [Contest]



It’s been a while since we’ve had a contest here at Cult of Mac, so let’s start the week off with a little bit of fun. We’re looking for a few talented (or not-so talented) readers to voluntarily decapitate themselves and replace their head with an iPad. It’s gruesome and beautiful at the same time, plus we’re giving away five free copies of FX Photo Studio Pro to best entries.

To win the contest all you have to do is take a self-portrait, and then overlay it onto an iPad in another portrait. You can go traditional and use your own face, or use a friends’ or celebrity’s face. Hell, you can draw a face and then overlay it on the iPad, we don’t care. Surprise or delight us and you’ll probably win.

Here’s how to enter the contest:

Forget OS X Lynx, These Are The Best Mascot Ideas For OS X 10.9 [Gallery]



Last week we had a lot of fun coming up with our vision for the next Mac operating system, OS X Lion-O. We then turned to our amazing readers and asked you guys to dream up the the perfect mascot for the next version of OS X.

We had a ton of readers submit their entries to our new Flickr Group, and the results were amazing. We’ve selected five winners who will get a free copy of Photoshop Touch for iPhone or iPad, along with our grand prize winner, who will get a free copy of OS X 10.9 when it comes out.

Here are the best mascot ideas for OS X 10.9:

Who Should The Mascot Be For The Next Version Of OS X? [Contest]


What will Apple name the next version of OS X?
What will Apple name the next version of OS X?

We had a lot of fun earlier today coming up with our “vision” for the next Mac operating system, OS X Lion-O.

It got us thinking. What do you think the perfect mascot for the next version of OS X would be?

So we’re having a Photoshop contest! Come up with a concept for the next version of OS X using a whole new mascot and we’ll give the top five winners a free copy of Photoshop Touch for the iPhone or iPad (your choice!).

And the grand prize winner? In addition to Photoshop Touch, the person who makes the best Photoshop will receive a copy of the real next version of OS X (when it comes out, that is!).

Here’s how to enter the contest!

Archive, Batch Send, And Download Your Instagram Photos With Recygram [iOS Tips]



Yesterday, I tipped you off about #NoCrop for Instagram, an app that lets you submit full-sized photos to the social photo service with very little effort.

Today, I want to look at Recygram, another free app that works with Instagram, letting you send photos from your voluminous Instagram archive to Flicker and Tumblr, as well as download them or compress them for sharing. Sounds like a great way to archive all those Instagram pics, right?

Here’s what to do.

10 Amazing Jailbreak Screens That Will Make You Drool [Contest Winners]



Last week we asked you guys to show us just how amazing you can make your iPhone look with tweaks and hacks for the homescreen and lockscreen, and boy were we impressed. We received over 100 entries in the jailbreaking contest and pretty much all of them were spectacular.

To celebrate the launch of our new Flickr and Instagram groups, we’re giving the 10 best jailbreak screens a free copy of Kuvva Wallpapers. After some serious deliberation, we think we’ve got some drool-worthy winners.

Here are the 10 most amazing jailbreak screens: