More Good News: Steve Jobs Looks Healthy [WWDC 2011 Reaction]


Steve Jobs at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, June 6, 2011. (AP / Paul Sakuma)

There was a lot of good stuff unveiled by Apple this morning at WWDC.

But the best news?

Steve Jobs looked pretty healthy.

Yeah, he didn’t spend much time on stage.

Yes, he looks thinner than normal.  Yes, he had to hitch his jeans up a couple of times.

But all-in-all, I thought he looked pretty vibrant and energetic on stage.

His voice sounded pretty strong and he delivered a couple of great lines, especially the crack about trusting Apple to get iCloud right after botching MobileMe.

For me, his health was the best news of the show. I’m stoked to see him doing OK.

How do you guys think Steve looked?

  • Anon Developer

    Obviously  i hope he has somehow made a miraculous recovery following his chemo, but I personally thought his voice sounded ruined, he could barely walk (Balance issues), and he wasn’t around for long -just for his latest baby, iCloud. 

    With his condition, you can have appalling days and ok ones. I’m glad today was perceived as a better one, but we need to get used to the fact he may not be around too long. 

  • Macleon

    All the best to Mr. Jobs, we need him for at least another 25 years!!!

  • daniel12345

    I work in the medical industry and he does look quite well, but what is worrying is how pale his hands look, but besides that he looks normal.

  • sebzar

    I guess they used only make-up on his face because of the stage lights. Everything looks like a corps under stage lighting without make-up.

  • Tom McGrath

    You think Steve’s hands look pale? You should see mine.

  • Ifelix

    i must i totally disagree sadly…. im watchin the keynote ATM and first thing i noticed was Steve having trouble moving on stage ( very slow moves , arms cant get very high ) his voice tone is more high pitched and very dry…  google out other keynotes videos through the years and its striking that sadly…Steve is struggling to stay alive and might be his last WWDC :((((((

  • SapirKraus

    these are the best news… but his voice sounds a bit different… or is it just me?

  • Sam

    I’m afraid I and most of those I’ve been talking to have noticed his failing health. He is incredibly thin, his voice was very weak and hoarse, he was losing his balance a little and I also noticed he was hesitating to find the words at some points during his speech; the poor guy seemed to be struggling. I feel really really sorry for him, there was a photo of him after the event posted on twitter and really I felt so bad for him, he looked in extremely fragile health.

    The photo is the second one down on this page:

  • Sam

    More worrying is the lack of muscle in his palm, it’s totally flat. Not a good sign.

  • David

    His voice scared me the most.

  • TweoBeo

    Why is everybody talking about cancer, nobody knows if he got cancer. Bloomberg has interviewed a cancer specialist tonight, and he said: “@DrLen tells @BloombergTV, don’t read too much into Steve Jobs health. Can’t judge a patient’s health just by their appearance.”

  • Yellowcows

    Sadly… Very sadly i agree… :(

  • Tinkerbell

    He doesn’t look healthy at all to me.  He looks extremely emaciated.  You can see his clavicle and tail bone through his clothes.  I thought he looked better at the last conference he attended right after the transplant.  

  • Don Julio

    Lets be real, Steve job’s health is seriously deteriorating. His voice, he got skinnier, he could barely walk, looks completely weak, this is not normal.

  • Sherylki

    I know it takes time to recover from such a situation as Cancer. What we see as his energy on stage’s his passion for life & love for his work ( Apple ). It’s because of his “Never Say Die” attitude that we love him and admire him as a great person & an entrepreneur. Hats Off Steve…

  • GrimWit

    I love Steve and wish him all the best.  I would love to see him around for a long long time but sadly, I think, he looked worse.  Very thin, trouble moving… sadly he reminds me of my Dad months before we lost him.  I hope this is not the case :(

  • Bill Christensen

    Steve Jobs, an American original. The spirit is willing…

    Without Apple computers, I really don’t know what my life so far would have been like, but I think it would have been a lot less fun and would have had far fewer accomplishments. I wish him and his family all the best.

  • Joseph

    I have the same sense. 

    Yet, what Steve lacked today in physical strength/stamina was small compared to the compassion and love he radiated, especially at the beginning of the keynote when he received the applause/cheers of those in attendance. His ordeal and dance with Cancer has transformed him in some profound ways.”Death is life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new” Steve Jobs, Stanford University Graduation, 2005. Haunting words from the master.http://

  • Stephan Constantial

    Define healthy.
    For me, he’s looking like he’ll be dead in the next 6 month :(

  • Nsousa

    Voice is very weak. Love this man.I whish him the best of the world.

  • Amici

    @GrimWit:disqus I had the exact same reaction. It reminded me of my dad before we lost him. Miracles do happen and I hope the same for Steve….not for Apple, but for Steve and his family.

  • Pogol

    An underlying diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and persistent or progressive cachexia (wasting) is typically an indication that there is ongoing disease. 

  • Kurien

    VERY TRUE rally worried

  • Karen Niemla

    Regardless of his life expectancy, I think Steve’s saying goodbye to Apple. His authorized biography is coming out in 2012. He uses his mystique as a tool to both intimidate and inspire, so I don’t think he’d reveal himself unless he thought he didn’t need the curtain anymore.
    The truth is, Steve Jobs is the most lovable ruthless capitalist jerk on earth  <3

  • TheDigitalPimp

    He looked a bit worse than his last appearance, and his voice was shakey. But you could still see the fire and the will in his delivery, driven by an unshakeable passion for his company and his people. I pray he is well enough to go on.

  • James McGhie

    Leander, I’ve enjoyed reading your work in both print and online but I have to whole heartedly disagree with your opinion here.

    The second Steve walked on stage my heart sank, he looked awfully ill (which as we all know, he is due to his cancer treatment). He looked off balance at times, and his voice sounded weak, shaky, and hoarse at times … there was no power or authority in that famous voice, he sounded flat no matter how much energy and enthusiasm he tried to inject.

    Like all Apple fans, we love the guy. He rejuvenated the company we love, brought it back from the brink, brought in great guys like Cook, Schiller, Ive, Forstall, Federighi, etc who will take on his vision when he (hopefully of his own choice) decides to step aside. 

    However, how you can say “The best news … Steve looked healthy” is beyond me. Maybe it’s turning a blind eye, maybe it’s not wanting to see what’s in front of you, but compared to last years WWDC where he was on top form, booming out funny lines like “Stop me if you’ve seen this” and “Now, because there have been a few pictures of this” with regard to the iPhone 4 leak.

    As great as Lion looks, as great as iOS 5 promises to be, and as much as iCloud intrigued me … I couldn’t stop thinking of Steve’s appearance. I was, and still, am genuinely saddened and can only pass on my good wishes and prayers to the guy.

  • Jrr

    The guy looks like a stick figure

  • nein9nein

    He looks too thin.  I think he is on a veggie diet only, which probably doesn’t help. Anyhow, Steve is fighting for his life, and running the best company in the world.

  • close

    he didnt spend much time on stage because apple is starting to get their other VPs ready to do keynotes….

  • Pogol

    Persistent cachexia (wasting) is usually a sign of progressive disease, particularly when a cancer patient has access to the most sophisticated technology such as intravenous hyperalimentation (iv nutritional feedings).

  • Bichufo

    Dead man walking.  Shuffling gate; “mmmmjmmm”,”mmmmhjms” at begining.  Poor man.  Don’t think he’ll last long.

  • CharliK

    “How do you guys think Steve looked?”

    I think he looked exactly like a guy that had pancreatic cancer and a liver transplant. Both of which F up your body for life. Anyone in that position is never going to be fat and jolly looking unless he is in a padded Santa suit. 

    And given that I really wish all the blogs would get off this issue of how Steve looks. It is nothing more than gossipy crap designed to get hits and screw with Apple stock. 

  • CharliK

    And how long have you been Job’s doctor. 

    Yeah, that’s what I thought. Chances are, you aren’t even a EMT much less a doctor. 

  • CharliK

    Starting. No, it started a while ago. 

  • CharliK

    Of course it is possible that the reason why his voice sounded like hell and he seemed off balance is because he has a head cold (some of us end up with inner ear issues when our sinuses are clogged up) and it has nothing to do with his cancer issues. 

  • Axel Mitbauer

    He doesn’t look good. However if he had a chemo he looks relatively normal… I mean Michael Douglas looked far worse if you ask me…

  • Toddthelion

    i hope he is fine. but I know what a person sounds like when you are VISITING them in the hosp, and that is exactly what he sounded like. I try to be glass half full on this stuff, but he looked inches from going down. not good. Sad, because I want to believe Apple will do fine without him, but- I’n not convinced. 

  • Phillip Arena

    Steve isn’t 100% healthy. It doesn’t take much to see that. All we can hope for, is that he enjoys his life with his family as much as he can. I really don’t give a toss about what analysts say about Apple shares. Regardless of its leader, Apple produces great products and tools for great productivity. If a company depends on a sole figure to sell it, well, the product can’t be that good. This is not the case with Apple. I bought my first Apple product in 1985 and although, there have (and continue to be dud decisions and product releases) overall, I have had a wonderful working relationship with my Apple gear from the day I wrote my PhD on a Classic (which still runs). That’s a big part of my life and with what is left of my life, I wish Steve and his family all the best. Dr Phil

  • Larreey1969

    I hope Mr. Jobs somehow beats this terrible illness and lives a long life. He helped to create wonderful products that beneifted us all, unlike Zuchenberg who stole the Facebook idea and amassed a fortune with a worthless software program. Good luck to you Steve, God Bless.

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  • Anon Developer

    It’s depressing that your more optimistic outlook wasn’t to be.. :(

  • Anon Developer

    @  Leander  – I wont be reading your posts for medical opinion in the future that’s for sure. Very sadly, he certainly clearly wasn’t well..