Check Out This Gorgeous $32 Cardboard Desk Concept



Looking resplendent with its iMac adornment, this super-cheap desk is entirely made out of cardboard.

It was designed by Hong Kong born Savio Ku, who is at the University of Portsmouth in the UK, as part of his final year studying 3D design.

Cult of Mac got in touch with Savio to ask him more about it. He said:

“This is my final project in the final year of my course. This table only consists of folded cardboard, the designs are all drawn by hand and cut by hand as well.

“The entire desk is slotted together without any extra fixtures, it can be taken apart and folded flat for easy storage. It also has two foldaway shelves on each side to store items. It is 1500mm long, 700mm wide, and 741mm high.

“The aim of this project was to create a cheap and simple desk by using cheap materials such as cardboard. The materials cost of this desk comes to about £20 ($32).”

Savio has more photos of the desk, including some taken during earlier phases of the project, in this Flickr set.

(Photo by Savio Ku, used with permission.)

  • Chris

    I wanna have one!

  • hrhnick

    I’d hate to spill my drink -____-

  • Ruben Nunez

    No way I would risk putting my imac on this thing. It looks cool, but I’m not sure how sturdy it can be.

  • Chris

    actually there are also chairs to sit on made out of cardboard. If they’re assembled the right way, they are pretty stable

  • Peter

    Love the shelves on the end. A nice touch.

  • Shahnlgh

    Yep, I also want one, this thing looks great and is probably rather lightweight. I’m not sure if I would trust this kind of table to carry my 27″-iMac. But as a good working desk for my iPad? Gee, I need one of these. Mr. Ku should open his own retail store – soon!

  • jamesbritton

    He should sell the design to IKEA and they could sell it as a kit using plywood instead of cardboard.