New 27-inch iMacs Can Drive Two External Displays Simultaneously



The new iMacs are here, and they are fantastic, but one thing that’s worth making a note of is that the new 27-inch iMacs have dual Thunderbolt ports… which means that you can now attach two external displays to your top-end desktop.

Buy a pair of Apple’s official 27-inch LED Cinematic Displays and you’ve got 81 inches of desktop to play with. That’s a huge perk, given that the previous solution to driving multiple displays on your Mac either resulted in lag (though wireless solutions) or didn’t support 3D (through USB adapters).

The iMac line just got a heck of a lot more appealing not just to video professionals, but to gamers. And here I am rocking a 27-inch iMac with only one Mini DisplayPort like some sort of sucker.

  • jRiz

    Does anyone know if the 21.5″ model can be used as an external display? The earlier models only allowed the 27″ to be used as a display, but I’m wondering if that changed with the implementation of Thunderbolt.

  • Bob

    Apparently they cannot. :(

  • Brian Blankenship

    Craziness. I’d hate to see a gap between the screens especially if I were playing a game. They need to design a solid display that is roughly the same as two 27″ displays put together. You’d think that they would have those by now…

  • davester13

    Some other articles I’ve read seem to indicate that now, neither the 21 nor the 27″ iMac can act as an external display anymore.

  • trrosen

    actually running two screens has been possible with the use of an adapter. resolutions and configurations were more limited thought as the adapters basically turned two monitors into one.

  • jRiz

    I read on TUAW that they can, but only if the input is from a Thunderbolt port.

  • jRiz

    What’s up with the old iMacs/OS X as the image for this article??

  • Kbestle

    Yep, It’s just amazing what you can do with $3700 these days

  • Sapbrett

    I have just unboxed my new iMac and cannot get both of my external displays working. I can get one but not both. Is there a configuration or something I’m not doing right.