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Do Not Taunt the Angry Cat [Apps]



The AppStore is filled with useless programs for iPhone and iPod touch. Sometimes, a truly special useless program emerges above the rest. Today, that’s AngryCat. A program that displays a picture of a wet cat, then plays angry cat noises and occasionally has it attack you when you try to touch it.

Now, you might think that this is meant for laughs. You would be wrong. This is a simulator to prepare you for inevitable angry cat attacks!

“Nonscientific studies have shown that 94.3% of all people are completely unprepared for an angry cat incident. For that reason, we created AngryCat – the Angry Cat Simulator.”


“The best thing you can do when confronted with an angry cat is walk away (or, in some cases, bow and crawl backwards away slowly, acknowledging its supremacy).  This application is designed to simulate the effects of what happens when you do NOT do this.  Touching and moving an angry cat is a bad idea!  If you don’t believe us, try the app and see for yourself what can happen.”

Even funnier are the reviews it has garnered so far. Messiarnd gives it five stars and calls the program “hilarious,” while Famous_Original_Pmatt gives it one star and dubs it lame. He expected it to be more than a static picture of an angry cat. I think his expectations are too high.

The debate will rage on.

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