Newspaper Adds iChat to Daily Meetings



Meetings at daily news organizations are generally pretty lively affairs. Now journalists at outlying bureaus or on assignment at UK daily The Guardian can participate in the daily pitching and griping — without having the odd pen thrown at them or having to deal with the face-melting scowls of colleagues. reports:

“When the Guardian moved to Kings Place in December 2008, the paper’s 10am morning conference was made available to any employee via IPTV on their desktop or on television screens around the building.

Employees from other offices, such as Manchester or Washington, could watch the meetings remotely and  participate.

The team experimented with iChat from the the House of Commons press room during the first week of the move: reporters were able to communicate via video cameras on their Macs with the team at Kings Place.”

As papers fight credibility problems and face closure because of waning interest, using technology to create a  “transparent newsroom,” where more people, including the public, can watch daily newsroom meetings, becomes more important.

Image used with a CC license, thanks to Jacob Btter


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