Report: No iPhone 5 This June, WWDC Will Be Software-Only



Apple’s tagline for this year’s WWDC is “Join us for a preview of the future of iOS and Mac OS X.” Jim Dalrymple over at the Loop says that tagline is worded very carefully, and that according to his sources, Apple will not announce any new hardware at the event… pushing the release of the iPhone 5 back indefinitely.

Traditionally, Apple unveils the newest iPhone every June at WWDC, along with iPod Touches in September and new iPads in March, but according to Dalrymple, Apple’s going to mix this up this year. Why?

“You get caught up in patterns, and it holds true, until it doesn’t,” Gartenberg told The Loop. “There is no reason for Apple to follow a predictable yearly pattern, and it keeps their competition off guard a little bit.”

If the iPhone 5 doesn’t debut in June, it really could shake up the perceived status quo in Apple’s perceived iOS device release schedule.

Last month, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber speculated that Apple could release the iPad 3 in September, just six months after the iPad 2 hit shelves. That Apple would release two iPads this year didn’t make any sense according to their historic iOS release schedule, but that schedule is defined by the current-gen iPhone making a June debut. If the iPhone 5 doesn’t come out at WWDC this year, all bets are off.

  • Hgccjhh

    Maybe they want to get NFC/payment system in the “next” release, even if they have to push it back a little. Or maybe they’re trying to knock loose all the new buyers waiting on June iP5.

  • Randy

    That wording doesn’t rule out a new iPhone announcement or even an earlier release of iOS 5. It could be read to mean that they are planning on combining the two platforms.

  • Jeeve Sobs

    Maybe Apple just doesn’t think it can add enough to the iPhone at this point to justify a new release. Or maybe the iPhone will take the September slot as iPods decrease in relevance?

  • Me

    Noooo! I must get rid of this 3G model!

  • Matthew Murphy

    How about an A5 processor? or more RAM? Bigger Screen? There’s things that could be done to it to allow it to be updated.

  • guest

    so…. they booked the place for 5 days, to preview a couple of OS’? really?

  • markrlangston

    I’m kind of with you on this one and agree that mixing things up a bit makes more sense than adhering to a static release table.

    If anything it speaks to the longevity of Apple products rather than being a company like HTC that seems to release a new Android phone every 3 to 6 months.

    I love my iPhone 4 and other than some software tweaks (the biggest being a new notification system) I think it’s a very strong, stable product. Sure they can make it better but Apple shouldn’t feel forced to update every 12 months unless they want to. The competition will always be there but for Apple it’s more about quality than quantity.

    What I don’t want to wait for is OS X Lion. Can’t wait till I’m browsing the web without a scrollbar. Sounds silly but a negative edge browser is something I’m really looking forward to in Lion.

  • Peter

    I’m waiting for the iPhone 5. I’m willing to wait a year. I just can’t see myself buying the iPhone 4, with it having such a small screen. A new iPhone will also need to include a 12 mega pixel camera, before I get it. Why should somebody pay up on something that isn’t cutting edge?

  • MacGoo

    Or maybe this is first and foremost a friggin’ DEVELOPERS’ CONFERENCE and this is what they’ll be attending for. Last year was “The Center of the App Universe” – no indication of an iPhone announcement. Year before that? “One year later. Light Years Ahead”. Again, no explicit iPhone announcement – this is referring to the launch of the APP STORE, not the iPhone specifically. 2008? “A landmark event. In more ways than one.”. 2007 was “See the future. Then take it home with you”. This trend continues on through the years – they are ALWAYS ambiguously worded, to pique interest in the event. Again, in sensationalist media, common sense is dead.

  • Rich Wood

    How many customers will be coming out of a 2-year contract this summer looking for a new handset only to find that Apple has nothing new for them?

    My 3GS is coming to the end of it’s life, there’s no point buying an iPhone4 this late in the release cycle, so if the iPhone5 is delayed it might be time to look at Android.

  • Figurative

    But Apple would never pre-announce the iPhone 5 on a WWDC ad. I don’t think you can use that ad as a basis for whether or not the 5 will be unveiled at WWDC or not.

  • James Zbach

    Aren’t you the same guy who said the iPad two will be delayed until June??!!!

  • Rmerrigan

    Look at the Atrix 4G a very strong contender.

  • “fanbois”

    Of course, because Android and iPhones are interchangeable, right?

  • BlinQue

    if youre waiting for a 12 megapixel camera on an iPhone, you’ll be waiting till 2014, bro.

  • BlinQue

    but I just really dont want an Atrix 4G.

    its expensive, clunky, android 2.2 (lame), and has functionalities I dont need. I’m more comfortable with iOS, iTunes and the 350,000 apps in the App Store.

    Plus ATTs 4G isnt that great yet and MOTOblur suuuucks. I’ll wait for an iPhone 5 even longer before making such a downgrade.

  • Manuel Viramontes

    Im an Apple fan boy just as much as the next guy but Apple is already behind the curve as it is with:
    1. 4G (LTE/HSPA)

    2. Camera, most phones have 5 or 8 megapixel

    3. Screen size

    4. Video chat , you don’t have to be on wifi on other platforms

    5. No HDMI

    6. No customization

    I LOVE Apple & the iphone but these are facts. It is no longer the leader in sales in the US as it once was…hopefully they will come out with something to compete head to head with the competitors!!

  • Rob Williams

    1) 4G service is spotty at best, with most metro areas still under covered. Orlando just got 4G, and its only in certain areas, (irony is its very poor in the downtown area). Apple’s never been one to adopt tech thats under developed unless it is their own proprietary architecture.

    2) If you’re using your cell phone and expecting it to be as good as an honest to god camera for taking pictures, you’ll never be satisfied. The iPhone cameras serve their purpose well for integrating with apps and the resolution is great for doing remote deposits and barcode scans, which is all I’ve ever used it for in the many years I’ve had the phones.

    3) A little bigger wouldn’t hurt, but then again do we want to have a phone the size of an Evo 4G?

    4) Blame the carriers. Or Jailbreak and get full functionality.

    5) The remedy for this is airplay, but then you’d have to use an Apple TV, and do you really want to run a cable from your TV to your phone for HDMI video?

    6) I agree with the lack of customization being a huge drawback to the iPhone, but jailbreaking fixes that too.

  • Rob Williams

    Or never. I highly doubt Apple will care to ever utilize a camera with a resolution that high. Do you want a cell phone or a digital camera?

  • Edgar Rios

    The iPad 2 was the one that was supposed to be delayed!!!!!!!!!! -__________-!
    it was less than a year!

  • Mark

    +1. Still on OS3 and half my apps can’t be upgraded. Sort it out, Jobsie. Time for a new ‘un!

  • Mwilliams713

    I would wait till the wwdc is over though to make sure. It would suck to go get an android now and an iPhone 5 comes out.

  • Mwilliams713

    Good point, but the choice of wording is very specific so that no one gets confused or misinterprets it. And they basically give away an iPad is coming with both of their invitations for those events so there is no reason to treat the iPhone even differently.

  • Mwilliams713

    Very true. That is even if you need that. Apple’s cameras have such great quality that the pixel amount does not play a major role.

  • iHate_Is_Back

    Why do I get the feeling Apple has something special up its sleeve this year? As much as I’ve bashed Apple over the Foxxconn situation I still hold Apple in high enough regard to know that when they decide to throw a curve ball the whole industry stops to blink. I so hope I’m right and people see a true compromised NFC system baked into iOS with a twist of the unknown that will knock the whole industry for a loop.

  • Edgar Rios

    ehmm, maybe? it’s cuz it makes sense if they would’ve done that.
    an iPad is 500 bucks, at least. imagine the people that bought a 64 3G iPad on april last year. It hasn’t even been a year since. I’d feel betrayed by apple.

  • leey

    Rumors, all are rumors, don’t have any credible citing!
    I am pretty sure there will be iPhone 5 launch at WWDC.
    And the most features might be concentrated in “Improved Antenna, 1080p HDMI Output, Improved Battery Life, 4G Network” just as commented in this news blog.

  • Manuel Viramontes

    I didnt say I want these things on the next gen iphone. All I said is that other phones have those features already without having to jailbreak or buy another 100 dollar device to connect to your television set to make it work.

    Android phones lately get those features out of the box, no jailbreak thus making your phone unstable. All the carriers have 4g capable phones now. Even the lame T-mobile does…so Apple is getting left in the dust.

    Its a tough pill to swallow for me as well cuz I love the iphone, but its like in any market, sport, or field…theres always going to be something better coming along sooner or later raising the bar. The time time came in & the numbers & facts are in.

    Hopefully Apple can pull a rabbit out of the hat in time…

  • P Bidlack

    Quite frankly, I don’t buy this rumor. For one, there would be no iOS without the iPhone and vice versa (yes, I know about the touch and iPad, but the iPhone started it) so new hardware, such as the iPhone, is an integral part of the future of iOS. Second, if they don’t launch something, or delay it there will be millions of unhappy customers, media backlash in the constant criticism of apple, and even more fuel for the increasingly annoying fandroid base. Finally, everyday there are new rumors how “apple just can’t pull it off this time” or “apple isn’t doing this or that this time” and every time it’s wrong. The most recent example that immediately comes to mind being all the rumors that the iPad 2 was being delayed and wouldn’t ship until much later in the year

  • iPhone 5

    I’m coming to the end of my 3GS contract too. I’m sure that apple will release iphone 5 at WWDC. they always release a new iphone every year why would it have changed.

  • Relygn

    Its FREAKING disappointing. THE most disappointing WWDC ever in my whole life. Honestly, it’s a “What the F*CK!? a Freaking iTunes update as the dessert? Where’s the phone? Where’s the legendary phone?!”

    I thought I was quite loyal to Apple. Now this WWDC makes me wonder if I will ever be able to hold myself back from going for bigger 4-inch Android phones. Seriously, 3.5-inch is way too 2007. Don’t care about anything else, just want a dual-core iPhone with 4+inch display.

    Guess I should SERIOUSLY have to look into Samsung Galaxy S-II or an LG Optimus G2x.