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Report: No iPhone 5 This June, WWDC Will Be Software-Only



Apple’s tagline for this year’s WWDC is “Join us for a preview of the future of iOS and Mac OS X.” Jim Dalrymple over at the Loop says that tagline is worded very carefully, and that according to his sources, Apple will not announce any new hardware at the event… pushing the release of the iPhone 5 back indefinitely.

Traditionally, Apple unveils the newest iPhone every June at WWDC, along with iPod Touches in September and new iPads in March, but according to Dalrymple, Apple’s going to mix this up this year. Why?

“You get caught up in patterns, and it holds true, until it doesn’t,” Gartenberg told The Loop. “There is no reason for Apple to follow a predictable yearly pattern, and it keeps their competition off guard a little bit.”

If the iPhone 5 doesn’t debut in June, it really could shake up the perceived status quo in Apple’s perceived iOS device release schedule.

Last month, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber speculated that Apple could release the iPad 3 in September, just six months after the iPad 2 hit shelves. That Apple would release two iPads this year didn’t make any sense according to their historic iOS release schedule, but that schedule is defined by the current-gen iPhone making a June debut. If the iPhone 5 doesn’t come out at WWDC this year, all bets are off.