Rumor: MobileMe Digital Music Locker Will Cost $20 Per Year



Apple has stopped selling MobileMe to customers, and told educational institutions to push free 60-day trials of the service as a stop-gap, so we know a relaunch is coming soon.

Rumor has it that the relaunch will see Apple start to realize its streaming iTunes ambitions with the addition of a music locker. Users would upload songs they want to be able to access from any device. This would allow Apple to compete with services like Spotify and Rdio without cutting the legs of their iTunes digital download empire out from under themselves.

We’ve heard these rumors from so many sources at this point that we’re pretty sure. What we haven’t heard anyone do yet, though, is put a price on the new locker service. Now Music Void is doing just that, saying that the MobileMe iTunes locker services will cost somewhere around $20 per year.

That sounds pretty reasonable, as long as users are given a big enough locker to play with. We should know sometime in April. In the meantime, would you sign up for a MobileMe iTunes locker for $20 a year? Let us know in the comments.

[via AppleBitch]

  • Zach

    Any word on whether it will only be available for music purchased through iTunes or if it will be available to any digital music ?

  • Zim

    What about apps and video

  • Gohtac

    would go for it, if the rest of the applications will be for free… ;) but i also hope to get some more on email experiance for mobileme

  • Louis Cutmore

    seems worth it, but would depend on the features…(size, up/download limits, etc…)

  • Richard Migneron

    Right. Depends a lot on the size.

    I have around 100 GB of Lossless music that I’d love to “cloud” …

    What would be much better is that Apple provide music in Studio Master (à la ““) and give you links to all the titles you have. That wouldn’t cost much in size, for each song you would get : 1 file (the music file) + N million links (all those who bought it online OR showed that they have the CD with the track on it) !

  • Tiago Oliveira

    I have MobileMe and I had Spotify when I was living in Europe but I would just sign up for MobileMe Digital Music just if I could connect to my music without limit of space. If I have a limit of 10Gb for example it wouldn’t be enough for all my music!

  • Brooke Becker Habecker

    I currently use mSpot as my music locker, and it’s great. Great uninterrupted streaming. However, it’s costing me $3 or $4 a month for them to host my 8,000 songs, so if I can do it for less, I will.

  • CharliK

    Apps likely no because they wouldn’t run as well from the cloud and you can redownload them all you want anyway.

    Video likely no because of the file sizes, bandwidth limits and the studios refusing to allow it.

  • CharliK

    So question. if the whole ‘free trial’ thing is because they are about to change everything, why are they still allowing you to go into your trial and pay for the service. And why are they renewing existing members.

  • Chris Greve

    As many others, I would like to use that feature.
    But at the same time I think they should either make Mobileme free, or at least make it possible to pay pr feature. Fx if you only want three features, then you pay less than if you want everything in Mobileme.

  • egusty

    I love MobileMe the way it is and don’t have a desire to access music from several devices. As long as they leave those of us that have MobileMe alone I’m good with it. If they force me to pay for some type of feature I don’t want or need not so much.

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  • Christophe Gris

    It would be nice to use the Locker in place of that mess called YouTube.