iPad 2 Prices Around The World [Chart]



As an American who lived abroad for a decade, only to recently move back, I know the sting of overseas prices for Apple-products. In many ways, it feels that the rest of the world subsidizes America’s low prices on Apple products.

Case in point, this chart by Setteb.it, comparing iPad 2 prices in the US with 18 out of the 25 countries that will launch iPad 2 tomorrow, March 25th. This is the sort of data that just rubs salt on the wounds of a European, since even a base 16GB iPad 2 WiFi will cost about $175 more than it would have if they bought the iPad 2 in the States.

This might seem a little misleading, since Europe’s VAT is quite high, and usually hovers around 20%. However, Apple’s still passing on a premium to EU iPad 2 buyers, even after VAT is subtracted. For example, Brits looking to buy the 64GB iPad 2 3G will pay about $63 more for that model than yanks… and that’s after the British number has been adjusted for VAT.

Prices like these are why when I lived in Europe I would schedule all of my Apple purchases around trips to the States: the money you can save on buying a MacBook Pro and an iPad together in the States more than pays for the plane ticket.

[via TUAW]

  • Pat3master

    Europeans have nothing to complain about. We Brazilians do.

  • spinoza

    You would “schedule your trip” to the States to save $63? That’s very rational financial thinking!

    I’m sorry, to complain about a $63 difference for an almost $1000 device is childishly silly. What about the difference between a BMW in Germany compared to buying it in the States? Now there’s something to whine about!

  • Wxyz

    That is one unreadable and UGLY graphic.

  • Adam

    Prices in Poland: 2049 PLN (511 EUR), 2469 PLN (613 EUR), 2899 PLN (720 UER), + 3G 2549 PLN (633 EUR), 2979 PLN (743 EUR), 3399 PLN (847 EUR)

  • Brendan_yam

    Note Euro prices are taxes included