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64GB iPhone 4 Prototype Spotted In China



For those of us who hate juggling tracks on our iPhones, a 64GB iPhone 4 would be a godsend. It should be more than technically possible: the iPod Touch comes in a 64GB variety, after all. For whatever reason, though, Apple’s let almost five generations of iPhone pass without rolling out a 64GB iPhone.

At least it appears that they thought about it, though. MIC Gadget points out that some alleged iPhone 4 prototypes with 64GB storage capacities that are making their way into the Chinese grey market right now.

Technically, this could be faked, but it looks legit, right down to the correct amount of useable space reported within the iPhone 4’s settings (at 59.1GB, it’s identical to the amount reported by a 64GB iPad). Also, like the found Gizmodo iPhone 4, the back shell of the leaked prototype has the same “XXGB” demarkation.

Obviously, we never ended up getting a 64GB iPhone 4, but let’s keep our fingers crossed that 64GB is the new high-end iPhone 5. It certainly looks like Apple wants it to be.