Mobclix FIgures Out How Much An iPhone App User Is Worth



How much money are you worth to mobile advertisers? Much more than an Android users, that’s for sure… at least according to this infographic put together by the boys over at Mobclix.

Of course, just how much money you’re worth depends a lot on what you mostly end up doing on your iPhone. Utilitiy users are worth almost $9.50 each on average, compared to just $7.20 for the same category on Android. Entertainment users are worth a few bucks less ($6.70 on iPhone, $4.90 on Android) and games are worth the least at just $4.00 per iPhone and $1.90 per Android device.

Mobclix came up with these numbers by taking their monthly advertising revenues for each app category and dividing them by users in a given month. At first blush, it looks like utility apps are where it’s at when it comes to mobile advertising, but as Mike Schramm reminds us, those numbers are skewed by the sheer volume of people spending more time on their iPhone in Angry Birds than editing spreadsheets on them.