AT&T Offering iPhone Owners Free 3G Microcell If They Stay


Photo: @lethalillness (
Photo: @lethalillness (

AT&T apparently is offering its iPhone customers free 3G Microcell service if they don’t move to Verizon. That’s the word from one of our readers, who told us a relative received the e-mail offer.

The free service is “our way of saying ‘thank you’ for your continued loyalty,” according to the AT&T ad copy. The reader was received the service immediately, a reports there were no hidden charges with the deal.

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22 responses to “AT&T Offering iPhone Owners Free 3G Microcell If They Stay”

  1. Izak says:

    Just got one. have had problems for years with AT&T coverage. You dont have to have an Iphone to get one for free. just be sincere, hardened, non-threatening and un-relenting
    I got a micro cell free and $60 credited to my account

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