Hands-on with Glif, An Incredibly Useful iPhone 4 Stand with a Story [Macworld 2011]



I’ve been keeping my eye out for a basic, inexpensive iPhone stand for a while now. I use my iPhone as an alarm clock at night and I’ve needed something to keep it propped up. Well I’m happy to report I’ve found my solution, it’s called the Glif.

At first look, the Glif isn’t all that unique, after all, there are plenty of other iPhone stands out there. But my main complaint is that most of them try to do too much. I just want a small stand I can use at night and when I travel. The Glif fits this need perfectly. It’s tiny, light-weight, fairly inexpensive, and it does the one thing I need it to do really well: prop up my iPhone.

This little gadget comes with a great story too, it goes like this: two normal guys have a great idea; they jump on kickstarter.com to try and raise money; they get 10x more than they ask for; they use the money to bring their product to life.

I love it when a plan comes together.