The BookArc Allows You To Dock Your MacBook Air



Got a new MacBook Air and looking for an accessible docking solution for when you want to work on a larger monitor at your desk?

The BookArc is an attractive docking solution for the Air made from heavy gauge steel with a built-in wire management system that neatly integrates the cables that need to plug into both sides of the Air.

You’ll need to supply your own display, mouse and keyboard, but once that’s done, turning your Air into a desktop is as easy as positioning your closed Air in the BookArc cradle and plugging it in… and because your Air docks in a closed position, it should run even faster than if you just plugged your display normally, because the Air’s GeForce 320M only needs to drive a single display.

The BookArc is only $39.99, but it won’t ship until February. If you want to keep appraised of when it becomes available, you can sign up for notifications over at the official website.

  • cameron burgess

    these guys make awesome products, but it seems a little misleading to call this thing a dock – it’s a cradle!!