Verizon to Welcome iPhone Owners With Unlimited $30 Data Plans



Verizon Wireless is still in the countdown stage of offering the iPhone 4G Feb. 10 and the carrier already is adjusting prices. The first big change is the discontinuation of a $15 per month for 150MB data plan. Instead, the carrier will push all smartphone owners (yes, you with the iPhone) into a $30 per month unlimited alternative.

Although iPhone smartphone customers will see a rate hike, owners of “feature phones” will actually benefit, according to a tech blog that Tuesday published a price list from an anonymous source. Non-smartphones will pay $9.99 per month for a 75MB data plan, up from $9.99 for 25MB.

Another interesting tidbit coming from the Verizon leak is the changes in data prices apparently are only for 3G and feature phones. This seems to suggest customers using phones on the carrier’s new LTE network will encounter different data prices.

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