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Mac Has 9.9 Percent of Web Audience



Apple now reaches a record 9.9 percent of Web users, according to an Internet monitoring firm. Net Applications reported a 0.3 percent jump in January of Macs surfing the Web.

A year ago, 7.57 percent of Internet access was Mac-based.

The number seems to run counter to fears the economy coupled with a post-holiday slowdown might hurt Apple’s online percentage.

A slight increase in iPhones used to access Web sites was also detected. The Apple handset had 0.48 percent of Web activity, up from 0.44 percent in December, according to Apple Insider.

Likewise, Apple’s Safari browser claims 8.29 percent of Web visits, up 0.36 from December.

As Apple continued its upward climb, the share of Windows-based Web connections fell in January. Microsoft has 88.26 percent, a 0.42 percent drop from December. The January figures dived 3.24 percent from 2007. Largely as a result of Apple’s Safari, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer controls 67.55 percent of Internet browsers, according to the firm.

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