iPad 2 Case Causing Stir [CES 2011]


Courtesy: Engadget

A vendor of iPad cases usually wouldn’t create a ripple in the tidal wave of products announced daily from the CES floor. However, Dexim is making headlines by displaying a case reportedly designed for the unreleased iPad 2. The case looks similar to one for the original iPad, with some subtle differences.

Along with a magnetic bluetooth keyboard that attaches to one of the case’s flaps, the product reportedly features a thinner design (matching rumors), openings for a front and rear camera supposedly for the expected Facetime support, and a large opening in the back.

Earlier today, an analyst predicted the iPad 2 will lead what was described as an “MP3-like” upgrade path. First-generation iPads will be handed-down to the kinds, while Mom and Dad drool over the newest tablet.

Reports also say Apple is preparing to slow production of the original iPad, moving its production focus to the iPod 2. Meanwhile, rival devices are expected to litter the CES event like so many losing MegaBall tickets.

[Silicon Alley Insider, Engadget]

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    i just read on mac rumours that the ipad 2 will be announced on the 2nd of march