What the F*&$? App Censors Your iPhone Videos



If you can’t get anyone to watch your ho-hum videos, a new iPhone app can pixelate or bleep that turkey carving moment to make it look like something out of “Sh*t My Dad Says.”

It’s the latest from Darren Murtha and partner Chris Lott, who created the Shape Builder app to keep his four-year-old amused. Murtha tells us he was inspired to make this $1.99 app by a Sesame Street video that was unnecessarily censored.

“Even before the iPhone had video editing capabilities, I wanted to develop the app. After Apple released API to help code video editing, then it became a reality.”

The basic idea: even if your video recordings are strictly PG-13, you can still have some good fun (preferably at someone else’s expense) with the app.


Murtha explains:

“I was at a dinner party describing what the app can do, and then when I videotaped a person chatting, she tried to hide from the camera and said “you bad people I know what you are doing” but we bleeped out everything after “you” so it turned out very funny… we made her look like she was really swearing.”

Of course, if you do need to censor something out from the holiday Christmas party, it works great for that, too.

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NB: The app was pulled for a bug fix, we’ll let you know when it’s back in the store.