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Is Android Growth Slowing?



Google’s Android operating system, which seemed to be a popular alternative to Apple’s iPhone and a way for wireless carriers to combat the lure of Cupertino’s handset, appears to be slowing. Android activations have held steady at about 200,000 activations per day since August, according to a report.

When the Mountain View, Calif. company Monday introduced a new version of its operating system codenamed “Gingerbread,” the firm said they were activating 1.5 million phones per wee, or 214, 200 per day. In early August, Google CEO Eric Schmidt told reporters the company had topped 200,000 activations per day.

However, just a few months back, in October, Andy Rubin, the Android chief, told an interviewer the company had one day of 250,000 activations, according to Fortune. The two figures suggest the Android platform is indeed slowing.

Schmidt has tried to be shrug-off the numbers game, noting if Android continued to grow at the rate at which was seen earlier this year, there would be more activations than the world’s population. Still, at a time when nearly every day brings news of another Android milestone, it makes one wonder whether Apple has ridden out the storm.

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