Necessity is the mother of all setups [Setups]


MacBook Pro Setup
This setup proves that sometimes less is more.
Photo: @ollieparker_

Last week, a new job forced Ollie Parker to build his work-from-home setup. No small task, but the British accountant made the most of it and he quickly whipped up a cozy setup great for grinding.

“I just finished the build of it all last week as I started a new job working from home,” he said. “And then I have my Xbox connected and play some Warzone in my spare time.”

The heart of Parker’s setup is a 2019 MacBook Pro attached to a 34-inch LG UltraWide Curved Monitor mounted on a Humanscale MW Monitor Arm.

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Parker uses an Anne Pro 2 wireless keyboard, which is futuristically minimal. Its tight, no-nonsense design saves valuable desk space. Logitech is really good at making mice, and the company’s G305 Gaming Mouse is no exception.

A Bose Companion 2 Speaker System is a great mid-market system and adds to the overall minimalist aesthetic of the setup. Finally, a set of Yescom Cololight Hexicon lights look like a halo — and gives Parker 16 million hues to choose from.

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Via: @ollieparker__

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