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Report: Jobs May Face New Pancreatic Surgery



Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who underwent pancreatic cancer surgery in 2004, may be headed back to the operating room to remove his pancreas, a doctor Thursday told financial publication Bloomberg.

Wednesday’s announcement that Jobs would leave for a six-month medical absence could indicate complications from the earlier surgery that removed portions of the pancreas, bile duct and small intestine, said Robert Thomas, head of surgery at Melbourne’s Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Although Thomas isn’t intimately familiar with the health condition of the Apple founder, the medical expert told Bloomberg that a “pancreatic leak” could require the pancreas to be removed and insulin to keep the Silicon Valley icon alive.

“You might have to take the rest of the pancreas out, ” Thomas said. “You’re on significant doses of insulin, and it’s not easy to manage,” he told the publication.

Wednesday, people claiming to be familiar with Jobs’ medical status told the New York Times that he suffered from an inability to absorb food.

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