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The Saga of a Fake Apple Internal Memo




In case you missed it, the full story of how Engadget came to post a fake Apple internal memo announcing delays of the iPhone to October and Leopard to January is now up at the site. It’s pretty a long and pretty involved tale, but the most interesting piece is this: Someone with access to Apple’s internal e-mail systems sent the original memo. Apple sent a second e-mail denying that the first message was real, but it all feels fishy.

After all, we know Apple has started fake rumors in the past just to flush out leakers. Could the Steve now be applying this logic to his own employees?
Regarding yesterday’s Apple news [Engadget]

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2 responses to “The Saga of a Fake Apple Internal Memo”

  1. Gouldsc says:

    I love the Cult of Mac blog, it’s excellent. But please stop including the Fake Steve Jobs stuff. It’s usually only marginally funny and not to be rude, but we know where to find it if we want to follow that blog. Stick to the other great Apple stories that makes us laugh and cry… and let those of us who like the Fake Steve Jobs entries, go to the Fake Steve Job’s site.