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Report: New Mac Mini to Support Dual Displays



With expectations lowered for the upcoming Macworld Expo in San Francisco, talk has drifted from a new iPhone to sprucing up the little Mac mini. The mini is said to include support for dual displays, according to a Friday report.

The updated mini will sport both a Mini DVI connector and a Mini DisplayPort, which was recently introduced with new unibody MacBooks, according to unnamed sources “familiar with the company’s plans” quoted by Apple Insider.

The mini, introduced in 2005, has lacked dual display capability, something available in other Macs. The reason for the graphic refresh: the reported use of the more powerful GeForce 9400 chipset to replace the Intel GMA 950 integrated graphics.

AI reported introduction of the more powerful Mac mini may coincide with the unveiling of a new iMac.

Earlier this week, analysts threw water on hopes Macworld would host a number of new Apple gizmos after Apple announced charismatic leader Steve Jobs would be a no-show at the event.

6 responses to “Report: New Mac Mini to Support Dual Displays”

  1. Phil says:

    Seriously? No way!
    Apple is not one for doing such a thing. If they were to do anything like this, it would be 2 mini-display ports for maximum accessory add-on.

  2. imajoebob says:

    SInce the mock-up has a full DVI and Firewire I assume it’s old. But if they rolled out this mini in a package with a 20″ display and K/M (even wired) for about a grand they’d sell a zillion. It’s a great way to shave a few more bucks off the iMac price point without damaging the brand. And the “mini-pro” look is enough to convince MacBook owners they actually do need a desktop at home. Even though they don’t.

  3. Nigger says:

    If no DVI, sales will die out. People will never buy 100$ LCD apple screens for a mac mini