Tweetie 2 for Mac Isn’t Dead… Despite What Twitter Says



Tweetie for Mac is still my go-to Twitter client on OS X… but man, is it getting long in the tooth. In fact, short of mere habit, I don’t know why I stick with it. It’s painfully behind the times when it comes to the features of more modern and well developed Twitter clients, it doesn’t handle stock Twitter functionality like retweets right… and the long promised updated, Tweetie 2, is still nowhere to be seen, despite Twitter itself acquiring Tweetie’s mobile versions. Is Tweetie for Mac vaporware?

For a little while, it certainly seemed so, as no lesser person than Twitter founder Evan Williams himself said that Twitter was not “actively investing” in Tweetie for Mac at this time.

That was pretty astonishing news… particularly to MacHeist director John Casanta, who says he’s been in contact with Tweetie dev Loren Brichter. Brichter was quick to allay fears: Tweetie 2 for Mac is still being worked upon, albeit less actively due to Twitter’s acquisition of their mobile products.

Great news… but when is Tweetie 2 coming out? I’m not really sure I can hold out much longer.

[via TUAW]