Improve Your Texting With ‘Texting of the Bread’



I type over one hundred words per minute, and by and large, they are the words zombies taught me to type thanks to the fantastic 1999 title, Typing of the Dead, in which wave after wave of flesh eating zombies are splattered into gibs not by the rapid fire staccato of a machine gun, but by quickly typing words like ‘daffodil’ and ‘snapdragon.’

For years, I’ve been waiting for Sega to port Typing of the Dead to iOS to help me do for my texting what I once did for my typing… to no avail. But Screw Attack’s tribute title Texting of the Bread might fill the same void with twice as much cuteness: it takes the central gameplay of Typing of the Dead, adjusts it to fit the iPhone’s soft keyboard and changes the villains to bloodthirsty ginger bread men.

If you’re interested in knowing more, Touch Arcade has posted a thorough review of the game here. Texting of the Bread can be downloaded now on iTunes for just $1.99.