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Amazon: Buy – Don’t Rent – 99-Cent Fox, ABC TV Episodes


Credit: Niall Kennedy
Credit: Niall Kennedy

Possibly attempting to steal some thunder from Apple’ Wednesday announcement of 99-cent TV episode rentals, rival launched episodes for sale at 99-cents each. The Internet bookseller and Kindle maker said it would offer shows from ABC, Fox and the BBC “to own.”

While Amazon’s Video on Demand service streams such shows as “Glee,” “Bones” and “Lost” to Macs, as well as PCs and set-top boxes, the Seattle-based company noted the shows downloaded “cannot be transferred to iPods.”

Unlike Amazon, Apple’s Wednesday announcement of an updated Apple TV box centered on streaming TV episodes – not downloading – episodes for 99-cents each through iTunes. The shows must be viewed within 30 days and expire after 48 of viewing.

Sony is also preparing a streaming service like Apple, according to reports. Sony will stream music and video using its PlayStation 3 gaming platform, eventually expanding to the company’s other media products, such as Sony Bravia TVs, Sony Ericsson handsets and even the Sony WalkMan, according to the Financial Times.