Fortnite challenge guide for season 4, week 6


Fortnite Solo Showdown game mode
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Photo: Epic Games

The latest Fortnite Battle Royale challenges for Season 4 Battle Pass buyers are now available. There are seven in total for week six — four easy and three hard — which will earn you a total of 50 Battle Stars.

Here’s what those challenges are and how to complete them.

If you paid for the Fortnite Battle Pass, you’d be crazy not to complete the daily and weekly challenges. They’re the fastest way to earn Battle Stars and level up to unlock new outfits, emotes, V-Bucks, and more.

You might find some of the challenges a little difficult, but we’re here to help. This challenge guide offers some helpful tips on how to complete all seven for week six as quickly as possible.

Search 3 supply drops — 5 stars

Supply drops land frequently throughout games of Battle Royale, and they contain all kinds of awesome loot that might help you survive the rest of the match. They’re well worth opening when you come across them.

Fortnite supply drop
Here’s what a supply drop looks like.
Photo: Epic Games

To complete this challenge, you’ll need to search three supply drops, but you don’t have to do it all within one match. Nevertheless, it’s a tricky one since you need to stay alive long enough to see supply drops falling, and you need to be aware of where they’ll land. You will also need to fight off other opponents who might be rushing towards them.

Listen out for the audio cues that play before a supply drop falls, and look out for the blue flares on the ground that show where they’ll land. It will take a little while for the supply drop to reach the ground, but you can shoot the balloon carrying it to make it fall faster. Just bear in mind that this will give away your position to your enemies.

When you get to a supply drop, build walls around yourself to ensure you’re protected while you open it. Repeat this process until the challenge is complete.

Deal 1000 damage with shotguns — 5 stars

Epic reduced shotgun damage in its most recent Fortnite patch, but they’re still powerful, and they remain the most effective weapons for close-quarter combat.

Fortnite pump shotgun
The pump shotgun is deadly at close range.
Photo: Epic Games

The pump shotgun deals more damage than the tactical shotgun, and often kills in one hit if you aim for the head, but the heavy shotgun has the furthest range. As long as you’re getting close to your enemies, this challenge shouldn’t be too difficult.

If you don’t find yourself in close-quarter battles very often, try landing in popular areas like Tilted Towers. Find a shotgun as quickly and possible and start hunting.

If you’re struggling because you’re being eliminated as soon as you get close to an opponent, try playing in a duo or squad instead. Down enemies with another weapon you’re more comfortable with first, then finish them off with the shotgun when they’re on the floor and unable to shoot back.

Search 7 chests in Loot Lake — 5 stars

Chests are all over Loot Lake, you just need to know where to find them. The map below, courtesy of @TheSquatingDog, shows you where they all spawn.

Fortnite chests Loot Lake
Here’s where you’ll find chests in Loot Lake.
Photo: TheSquatingDog

You’ll need to open seven of them to complete this challenge, but you don’t have to do it all in one game; you can keep returning to Loot Lake as many times as you need to.

If you find yourself struggling with this challenge because Loot Lake is overrun with other players, leave it a few days to give everyone else a chance to finish it. Loot Lake is normally relatively quite, and it will be quiet again as more and more people finish this challenge.

Spray over 7 different Carbide or Omega posters — 5 stars

Carbide and Omega posters have been plastered all over the Battle Royale map since the launch of season four. For this challenge, you just need to spray over seven different ones. Knowing where they’re located is key.

The map below, courtesy of Eurogamer, shows you where you need to go. Remember, you have to spray over a different poster each time, but you don’t have to spray all seven in one game.

Fortnite carbide omega posters
Here’s where you’ll find Carbide and Omega posters.
Photo: Eurogamer

Search between a playground, campsite, and a footprint — 10 stars

Epic considers these challenges “hard,” but they’re easy if you know where to go. Just visit the spot on the map below and you’ll find 10 Battle Stars waiting to be collected.

Fortnite Battle Stars week 6
Here’s where you’ll find 10 Battle Stars.
Photo: Eurogamer

See, easy!