Email-Based FaceTime For iPod Touch Comes In iOS 4.1 Beta 3



From Steve Jobs’ promise to ship millions of FaceTime capable “iOS devices” this year to a leaked iPod Touch front plate with a front-facing camera hole, the imminent release of a FaceTime-capable iPod Touch is looking more likely by the moment.

The latest evidence? Confirming earlier rumors about how FaceTime would be handled on the next gen iPod Touch, MacRumors has discovered that the latest beta of iOS 4.1 supports email-based FaceTime initiation.

I’ve been banking on an iPod Touch capable of FaceTime ever since the iPhone 4’s release, but now I’m really beginning to wonder if we won’t see that device in the next couple of weeks. Take the existence of email-based FaceTime in iOS 4.1 beta 3 and combine it with Apple’s seeming slowness in releasing a fix for iOS 4.0.1’s PDF security vulnerability and today’s rumor that the next iPod event will happen next week, and I think what we’re looking at here is an update to iOS 4.1 timed around the imminent release of a new iPod Touch. What do you think?