Logitech’s G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse Is Perfect For The Mac Gamer



You’d be hard pressed to identify a peripheral maker whose sense of design is more anathema to Apple’s than Logitech. Where one is symbolized by the plinth of aluminum, the slate of glass, the opalescent bar of plastic, the other is a PC-centric slab of black plastic and glowing LEDs. That said, Logitech makes some of the best gaming mice in the business, and their new G-Series Wireless Gaming Mouse G700 is no exception.

Featuring over 13 programmable buttons easily identified by their individual sculpting, smooth gliding polytetraflyoroethylene feet and a comfortable ergonomic design, the G700 is specifically designed for MMORPGs like World of Warcraft. Onboard memory profiles guarantee that it’ll always remember your settings even across Macs, while the 5,700 dpi laser promises to track your slightest twitch and jactitation accurately.

The G700 is even rechargeable: simply plug in a micro-USB cable to switch it into corded mode and give the internal battery a juicing good for over two weeks.

If you’re interested, the Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700 is available for pre-order now for just $99.99. Sure, it doesn’t exactly match Jonny Ive’s vision for your desktop… but Ive’s clearly not a gamer, is he?

  • Don

    hmmm. Not correct. The mouse works fine in OSX 
    …BUT as usual logitech did not make any OSX softwaresupport for the mouse. BIG FAIL
    YOU can not program anny buttons in OSX.

  • Ostap Kukhar

    it works with mac but thats about it. you cant program any buttons or set any profiles sooo how is it perfect??