Steve Jobs Joins the SF Pizza Wars, Gets Denied a Table



While the East Coast has continued to get excited by giant floppy slices of pizza served out of a corner joint, the San Francisco Bay Area has somewhat quietly become the finest destination for real Neapolitan pizza (and stuff quite close to it) in the United States.

Above is photographic evidence that even Steve Jobs has gotten the word. On Saturday night, he attempted to get a table at Flour+Water, one of the insurgent pizzaiolos that has put SF pizza on the map (and was recently named best restaurant in the city by SF Weekly). And, like everyone else, Steve found out that unless you’re ready to wait for a table, you’re not going to get in the door.

Don’t worry, Steve! There’s plenty of other places to go! Zero Zero is a new powerhouse, Boot and Shoe Service is picking up steam, Delfina is unstoppable, and Anthony Mangieri, the you of pizza, will soon open his Una Pizza Napoletana close to Caltrain, so you can take Caltrain back home afterward.

Via SF Weekly