Doxie Portable Scanner Will Send Your Documents Right To iBooks



While the iPhone and iPad are incredibly useful devices for the road warrior or mobile worker aiming to live a digital lifestyle unburdened of dead tree flesh, their inability to interface directly with the likes of scanners can make getting a digital copy of a commonly-used document onto your device a little convoluted.

Doxie’s button-cute, 10.9-ounce scanner gets around this quite nicely by interacting with iTunes. Slot in a document, push a button and Doxie will scan the page at 600 dots-per-inch, convert it into a PDF an plug it right into iTunes, ready to be read on any iOS device with the latest version of iBooks.

It’s a neat little road scanner, small enough to fit into any gear bag. You can buy the Doxie now for just $129 directly from the official website.