Thieves Target iPads at NY Store


CC-licensed. Thanks to twid on Flickr.
iPads: easy pickings? CC-licensed. Thanks to twid on Flickr.

Twice in one week, enterprising thieves hit Apple’s Upper West Side store to snag shipments of iPads.

The low weight and easy portability of the iDevice makes it an easy target: in both incidents, thieves grabbed boxes of five iPads and ran away with them in broad daylight.

“Thieves are opportunists, and it’s the hottest gadget out there,” a police source told the New York Post. The first theft occurred mid-morning on Tuesday. A man swiped a box with five iPads while a delivery driver was stacking cartons outside his truck. The thief zipped down the street on foot and has not been caught.

Two days later, a thieving duo snatched another box of five iPads taking advantage of momentary distraction from a UPS driver. One of the pair asked the driver for directions, the other snagged a box and took off on foot down Broadway.

“We definitely have a heightened security presence,” said a worker at the store at Broadway and 67th Street. To improve the chances of getting them on the shelves, even the Apple employees are kept in the dark about  delivery times. “Even if I knew, I couldn’t tell you. We don’t know when we’re getting more in,” an employee said.

Via New York Post