iPhone OS 4.0’s Game Center Will Integrate Video Conferencing



With Gizmodo’s leaked fourth-generation prototype confirming both front and back-facing video cameras in the next iPhone, we can now take it as read that video conferencing is coming to iPhone OS, as the 3.2 and Beta 4 SDKs have long hinted.

So what kind of software video features can we expect in the next iPhone? MacRumors has taken a close look at the latest build.

The latest build contains reference to moderators, chat rooms, encrypted video conferences and other features which will be usable by third-party developers.

But the big news is the way video conferencing likely ties into Game Center. It appears that Apple intends to integrate video conferencing with Game Center, which will offer gamers the ability to chat with other players online in-game.

It may, however, be a WiFi only feature: MacRumors notes the latest SDK lacks any error messages related to 3G or cellular activity, only WiFi.

I’m torn on this feature: I don’t really want a Chatroulette window constantly hovering at the corner of my latest Doodle Jump screen, but it could finally make meaningful communication and multiplayer possible on iPhone OS devices. That would go a long way to making things like iPhone MMOs and team deathmatch games a more satisfying affair.