Affordable 3D printer could be the first one you own


Qubea Rever affordable 3d printer
This affordable 3D printer looks a lot like the original iMac.
Photo: Qubea

3D-printer maker Qubea is seeking funds on Kickstarter for what may be the first (relatively) cost-friendly device on the market.

The Rever will cost $399 when it launches next year, but early backers can grab on at a discount.

“As a leading developer of 3D printers, we have seen products like ours put to use across fields such as industrial design and medicine,” the company says on its crowdfunding page. “3D printing also has the potential to bring the joy of creativity to every home, but up till now, high cost, safety concerns, and complex software have meant that having a 3D printer is not an option for most families.”

This is Qubea‘s second attempt to fund the Rever; it pulled the first campaign after backers suggested that the device might appeal to entire families and not just children. And those backers were right, because I kinda want one of these.

The printer will support both Qubea’s own, pared-down app and third-party options for expert users. Qubea will also be producing and selling its own reels of biodegradable polylactic acid “at an affordable price.”

While 3D printing has seen widespread use in the medical and design industries, hardware has remained too cost-prohibitive to make the tech available for mainstream use. It’s coming down, however; you can currently grab a basic model for $400 – $500. But the average cost for a decent unit is still well over $1,000. Qubea’s hoping to make the process more available.

To that end, the company is offering discounts for early backers on Kickstarter. One early-bird tier secured you a Rever and a reel of filament for $169, but those slots filled up (probably almost immediately). As of this writing, you can still grab one for $219, which is still a 50 percent discount over retail.

Qubea is hoping to raise $120,000 by December 23 to finish funding the Rever. It’s currently scooped up about $43,000, with 27 days left in the campaign.