iPhone OS 4.0 Mail Trades Delete for Archive For GMail



The latest iPhone OS 4.0 beta features a great new addition to iPhone Mail for GMail users: the ability to archive mail.

According to the good boys at 9to5Mac, it replaces the option to delete your GMail: just swipe on a message like usual and you now get the option to archive as opposed to delete.

I think replacing delete with archive on the iPhone makes a lot of sense. GMail, after all, has plenty of space, and the real reason to “delete” mail in Mail.app is to easily clear out the inbox. Sure, there’s going to be occasional moments when you’ll want to nuke an email from orbit in a fit of pique… but in those situations, you can still just log into GMail through Mobile Safari to carry out the vaporization. This change prevents people from accidentally deleting important mails. Well done, Apple!

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70 responses to “iPhone OS 4.0 Mail Trades Delete for Archive For GMail”

  1. John Riley says:

    stupid idea, I want to delete the email. I don’t want to archive it.

  2. uschi says:

    i hate this change! nothing against archiving, but i also want to be able to delete mail from a mail-app, it’s a basic functionality and it annoys me to no end they just nuked it…

    thanks for the clarification though, i was really getting annoyed searching the app for the lost delete feature.

  3. Dirtybird says:

    Agreed… Give us the option to delete… F you’re archive

  4. Sirfig says:

    you can go to the settings and then to the Mail,Contact,Calendars and click the Account .. then look down and turn off “Archive Messages” — and viola — it now deletes instead of archive

  5. Eaten_peppermint says:

    I don’t see that in the settings…I too, would prefer to just delete the emails, when I “delete” them. I already have my system of sub-folders to “archive” emails into…

  6. Me says:

    thanks. couldnt find the option. new it was there as set it on my ipad. now changed to delete. archive is a stupid idea !

  7. playplanit24 says:

    This is NOT good. I DELETE most of my messages. There are tons of emails you get that are definitely NOT archiveable…I wouldn’t be writing here if I had been able to find a way to revert back to DELETING. @8582b6fc7a4c9a7a7157b359e5b881c4:disqus down there says you go to setting…but I can’t find any label that says “Archive Messages.” I’m running latest: 4.2.1. Did they now take out the option altogether?

  8. Ze says:

    First stupid idea by apple/iPhone.  This button is smack in the center of the screen where people’s fingers hit by mistake all the time, and it does not prompt you to confirm whether you meant to hit it or not.  You can’t undo easily, since you have to go to the AllMail folder and get it back.   Then, when you really want to delete a message, you have to go and remove it from the AllMail folder.   So really, you end up spending more time in the AllMail folder than the InBox folder.  Not what I want, I disabled it.

  9. Murphy491 says:

    Its there, go into Settings –> Mail, Contacts… –> Gmail
    And it should be on the bottom, hope this helps!

  10. Olivia Olmsted says:

    thank you so much for letting me know you can disable it! aaahhhh! that’s amazing! and such a large help!

  11. sach160 says:

    Completely disagree with the poster. If you click trash on your email it should delete it” end of question! Another function shuld have anyoher icon and name. the workaround doesn’t work if you use Microsoft exchange to push your email. More poor apple and google cooperation.

  12. sach160 says:

    Itsnot there’s if you use Microsoft exchange to push your email as google suggest you do. So your choice is delete or push. Both basic functions and it’s amazing these idiot programmers haven’t got this right yet.

  13. 2baggettfamilyof5 says:

    how do you disable it?

  14. Nostalgic says:

    Because I love archiving spam and I only have 10% space left.. Yuuup

  15. Bill says:

    This archiving feature sucks.  But luckily archiving is easy to turn off:

    “Settings” – “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” – Click on the “Gmail” account – scroll to the bottom and toggle “Archive Messages” to “Off” 

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