Get a free copy of powerful DVD ripping and video conversion software [Deals]


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The recently upgraded MacX DVD Ripper Pro is more powerful than ever for getting your media from disc to drive.

DVD players are going the way of the Walkman, leaving many of us with vast libraries of obsolete discs. Of course the movies and TV shows themselves aren’t obsolete — just their shiny plastic medium — but with hard drive space getting more and more vast it makes less and less sense to let a bunch of discs take up cabinet or closet space.

For getting those bulky DVD collections off your shelves and onto your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and other devices, you can now get a free copy of MacX DVD Ripper Pro. It doesn’t stop at DVDs though — even YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and other video formats can be converted into forms useful for playback and editing on desktop or mobile devices.

The first half of the pair is Digiary’s MacX DVD Ripper Pro. Supporting up to 8-core CPUs and hyperthreading, it can blaze through disks and get them onto a drive in full quality. The process bypasses copy protections, DVD CSS encryption, Region Code Enhanced (RCE) restrictions, User Operation Prohibition (UOP), Sony ARccOS DVD protection, The Analog Protection System (APS), Disney New DVD Copy Protection, you name it. More than 350 presets allow for quick conversion to formats favorited by mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Samsung Galaxy S6, and so on. Plus you can choose whether to clone a full DVD disc to an ISO image, or copy the primary content to MPEG2 file with lossless video quality, and can edit videos before ripping.

On the other side of the coin is MacX Video Converter Pro, a one-stop app for converting onboard and downloaded videos, record the screen, creating photo slideshows, and more. The latest version come with major updates that, among other things, makes it the first media converter for Mac that perfectly supports Intel Quick Sync Video for lightning fast conversion. Beyond that, it’ll do what you hope it will, eating through over 180 video formats including MKV, MTS, AVI, WMV, even 4K UHD videos, along with 14 common audio formats. Like the other app, hundreds of presets make it easy to sidestep compatibility problems between Apple, Android, Google, Microsoft, and other platforms. Along with that, Video Converter Pro makes than 300 sites are open game for downloading and keeping videos, with high CPU-leveraging software that keeps it operating at blazing speeds.

That’s all great, but the best part of this pair of apps is their Christmas deal, from December 3 through 15. They’re giving away 1,000 fully functioning free copies every day, all that’s needed is an email and a license key. Grab it for free to download YouTube videos, convert 4K HD videos for playing on Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, watching on QuickTime, iTunes, edit by Final Cut Pro, iMovie, etc. The only catch being that the giveaway copy is not eligible for free upgrades. However, right now it’s also possible to get a huge discount when you buy MacX Video Converter Pro and MacX DVD Ripper Pro with a lifetime of free upgrades.

Here’s your chance to get started with downsizing your DVD collection, creating an offline library of your favorite videos, or converting and preparing any video for any device you want to watch it on. The deals start today, so get your free copy and give your videos a new lease on life.