iCelebrity: Halle Berry



The Oscar-winning actress looks great, even with no makeup, unmatched sweats and tangled up in the cord of her iPod touch.
Got to wonder about that book she’s lugging titled “Diagnosis and Treatment for Multiple Personality Disorder.” Maybe it’s for new part, or maybe for juggling the life of a star-mom-perfume maker….

Next time she might try going for cover under an iPhone.

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18 responses to “iCelebrity: Halle Berry”

  1. atomicfry says:

    wow….the ipod touch and a blackberry bold…. tisk tisk…. go all the way halle….get a damn iphone

  2. Atsu says:

    iPod touch? Its look like a 1st gen iPhone…

  3. owen-b says:

    Doesn’t look like the back of an iPod touch, unless it’s in an odd ‘iPhone 1’ style case?

  4. Nelson says:

    Maybe the book is to help her deal with the phone cord

  5. Justin Brown says:

    i think it is an old iPhone.

  6. atomicfry says:

    no trust me that is an ipod touch… look at the top left corner…that is the wifi the 1st gen iphone was like bruhed metal, not the li-on battery

  7. Anonymous /b/ says:

    What is that book she’s carrying around? Is she mentally ill? Maybe that is why she has an iPhone? I hate Apple. Obvious troll is obvious.

  8. sonia says:

    In my hand I am holding a 1st gen iPhone, an iPhone 3G and a 1st gen Touch. Halle is holding a 1st gen iPhone upside-down. A 1st gen iPhone is black across the bottom a Touch only has a black corner.