Say “I’m Sorry” with The Agent 18 Flower iPhone Case [Review]



Guys, did you forget to call your girlfriend on her iPhone? If so, nothing says “sorry” better than flowers — a flower iPhone case that is, by Agent 18. She may love you — but she loves her iPhone more.

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The Agent 18 FlowerVest iPhone Case for the iPhone 3G and 3GS is available in three fun colors. The price $29.95 may seem steep for some silicone, but seeing her smile again is priceless. This flirty fashion statement is way cheaper than a designer bag.

The FlowerVest case is lightweight and durable. It is fairly thin but the flower petals are raised. Since she probably puts the case in her bag and not in her pant pockets the puffy petals are not an issue.

The FlowerVest iPhone Case provides easy access to all the iPhone’s buttons and ports. It comes with a protective screen and a table stand.

Instead of chocolates, give Agent 18’s iPhone FlowerVest Case.
[xrr rating=3/5]

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Model: iPhone FlowerVest iPhone Case
Company: Agent 18
Requirements: iPhone 3G/3GS
List Price: $29.95
Buy Now: The iPhone FlowerVest iPhone Case is available from Amazon for $16.22 plus shipping.