Apple Ads iPad Sharing for



Apple has redesigned its Website for the iPad and iPhone, allowing documents to be viewed on touchscreen devices. The company also unveiled new ways to share documents, allowing documents to become public.

The updated interface now allows documents to be scrolled using a finger, an action that has become common for iPhone users and upcoming users of Apple’s iPad tablet device. In a statement, the Cupertino, Calif. based company said the “new interface and improved scrolling help you find your shared documents faster.”

Rather than needing to set a password or send an invitation to make some documents publicly available, the Web site now permits users to check a “public” box which creates a public Web address that can be shared.

Apple unveiled in January of 2009 at Macworld Conference & Expo. Designed to compete with cloud-based office suites, such as Google Docs, lets users upload Pages 2009 documents, Keynote 2009 presentations and Numbers 2009 spreadsheets. Along with the native iWork format, users can download the documents either in Microsoft Word or PDF formats. However, unlike Google Docs, the free beta version of does not allow files to be edited.

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