Taco, unicorn, and burrito emoji are coming to your keyboard


Are you ready for taco emoji?
Are you ready for taco emoji?
Photo: Unicode Consortium

Get ready to roll your eyes at hot dogs, because new emoji are coming.

The Unicode Consortium, the group in charge of designing and implementing those little pictures you use to add emotion to your iMessages, is rolling out Unicode Version 8 tomorrow, and it’s bringing 41 new icons with it.

You can check out all of the newcomers at Emojipedia, but here’s all you need to know: You can now express your love of unicorns and tacos entirely in pictures.

Here’s the full list:

Bottle With Popping Cork
Cheese Wedge
Hot Dog
Unicorn Face
Badminton Racquet
Cricket Bat And Ball
Field Hockey Stick And Ball
Ice Hockey Stick And Puck
Table Tennis Paddle And Ball
Upside-Down Face
Face With Rolling Eyes
Zipper-Mouth Face
Money-Mouth Face
Face With Thermometer
Nerd Face
Thinking Face
Face With Head-Bandage
Robot Face
Hugging Face
Sign Of The Horns
Bow And Arrow
Lion Face
Prayer Beads
Menorah With Nine Branches
Place Of Worship

The update also includes five skin-tone modifiers like the ones that you already have in your iPhone. And unfortunately, the new symbols won’t be available immediately; Apple will have to update its emoji library to include them.

If you want a look at the future, the Consortium is already lining up its new emoji for Version 9, which will be out in mid-2016. I’m going to use Nauseated Face so often.