Here’s what Super Mario 64 looks like running on an iPhone 6


The first 3-D Mario running on an iPhone 6. Screenshot: Cult of Mac
The first 3-D Mario running on an iPhone 6. Screenshot: Cult of Mac

Excited that Nintendo plans to release iPhone games in a new collaboration with mobile developer DeNA?

Here’s a taste of what it could end up being like: Nintendo’s gaming classic Super Mario 64 running on an iPhone!

Unity developer Erik Roystan released a playable version of the first level of Super Mario 64 yesterday. Not only did it look, sound and play exactly like the real thing, but it worked within your desktop browser.

That didn’t satisfy Eli Hodapp over at Touch Arcade, who ended up getting it running on his iPhone 6. Hodapp writes:

The cool part about being a Unity project is that Unity is super portable, which is why you see so many developers using it these days. The same project used to make Mario run around in your browser window with a little help from James Fietcher from Mobot who converted it into an iPhone project and added basic virtual controls resulted in Super Mario 64 HD running on my iPhone 6.

As you can see, it looks and plays great.

Sadly, though, it seems that as much as we would all love to play Super Mario 64 on our iPhones, Nintendo’s plans for releasing iPhone games isn’t so much to port old classics as it is to come up with new intellectual properties as part of its DeNA partnership. But you never know! If fans can get Nintendo’s classic games running on an iPhone, so can the Big N.

Source: Touch Arcade

  • jimmy

    Just a few quick points.

    1, Nintendo have explicitly said that they will NOT be porting existing games to mobile format. So no, this isn’t what it will look like.
    2, You’ve been able to play full Nintendo 64 games on Android since the HTC Hero (5 years ago?). Including using wireless game pads over bluetooth. Keep up guys!

    • Get real

      Emulators have been running on iPhone since 2008 when it was first jailbroken.. Also most features people claim Apple stole from Android were already available on jailbroken phone, android stole those ideas from the jailbreake community, the same community Apple ripped off.

      • Vib

        Nintendo 64 emulators on iOS sucks, they are slow, full of glitches and on most of cases unplayable. On the other hand, well… last week i just finished Majora’s mask in my galaxy s4.

    • Hung Solo

      Or instead of spitting some fanboi nonsense you could do a little research. I here android is finally getting vain glory though…what did flagships need the SD 810 before they could even handle this game?

  • Mork Fromork

    This is hardly the first 3-D Mario running on an iPhone 6.

  • krayon

    This isn’t real this is the unity Mario game you can play it on android as well this is fake!

  • Alex Blaha

    I took the title a little too literally.