First-gen iPhone 2G is now going for $12,500 on eBay


Screenshot: Cult of Mac
Screenshot: Cult of Mac

Back when it was released in 2007, the original iPhone 2G cost $599 with a two-year contract from AT&T. Seven years later, boxed first-gen iPhones are a little rare, but if you’ve got the dosh, you can still buy one on eBay.

But prepare to be shocked by the sticker price: An original iPhone in mint condition will cost you $12,500.

Mike Wehner at TUAW points us toward a couple of pristine first-gen iPhones on eBay right now, which are selling as a pair for $25,000:

A pair of iPhone 2Gs has just appeared on a single eBay listing — one “lightly used” and one still sealed in its box — along with the collectible (?) iPhone gift bag that they were placed in for their trip home from the Apple Store. Both are the larger 8GB models and both are obviously in pristine condition. Whether or not that warrants a price tag the size of a new SUV is of course up to you.

The seller apparently has a 100 percent approval rating with more than 800 sales, and will ship anywhere in the world (except Russia for some reason).

I have a sentimental place in my heart for the iPhone 2G. It was, after all, my first smartphone. Still, for nearly $15K? I think I’ll pass on a stroll down memory lane.

Source: eBay