Spider-Man Unlimited gets sexy new girl Spidey, villains, and more


The best runner on iOS just got a little better: Photo: Gameloft

One of my favorite runners to be released in the last year is Gameloft’s Spider-Man Unlimited. Released last month, it would probably be the best runner I’ve ever played, if not for it’s onerous free-to-play mechanics which make leveling up or unlocking new Spider-Men a total grind if you don’t pay out money.

It’s a testament to how good the core gameplay is that even though the free-to-play mechanics are so bad, I keep coming back for more. And now I have even more reason to be addicted, because the first major update to Spider-Man Unlimited is here, bringing more Spider-Man, more villains, new environments, and a new gameplay ‘issue’ to the already content-packed runner.

The biggest update to the game is the release of Issue No. 4, a whole new set of missions in which Spidey has to fight Sandman in his five different variations across 25 new missions.

There’s also a new in-game environment, inspired by New York City’s Highline. Like much of Spider-Man Unlimited‘s levels, the virtual Highline is realistic, but not so realistic as to make webslinging along it a chore.

There are also new Spider-Men coming down the pipe. The marquee new Spidey is Spider-Gwen, a Spider-Man from an alternate niverse where Peter Parker’s first girlfriend Gwen Stacey was bitten by a radioactive spider instead of Peter.

True, Spider-Man Unlimited hasn’t done anything to make the game less annoying for people who want to avoid endlessly spending money on in-game currency. That’s a real shame, because otherwise, the game is just so rich, and getting richer by the moment.

You can download Spider-Man Unlimited for free here.